Equipped to test and replace

All Saracens Tyres depots, are fully equipped to test and replace batteries carrying various
types of batteries from the following vehicle types:

  • Car / Van / 4 x 4 / SUV
  • Commercial / Truck
  • Leisure / Caravan / Motorhome / Campervan
  • Tractors / Plant

We offer a free of charge service to carry out testing your battery when you visit one of our four locations, WHILE YOU WAIT!!!

Our Battery Brands


On average batteries car batteries last around 3-5 years but this depends on how the vehicle is used and is properly maintained. The vehicle also needs to be driven distances to give the battery time to recharge itself while you drive. If you are travelling short distances on a regular basis this could have a detrimental effect on your battery.

Other areas that can reduce the performance and life of your battery include:

  • Starting the battery in cold and hot temperatures as during this time the battery is placed under significant pressure due to using your heater, headlights, windscreen wash, wipers. In hot temperatures when using air conditioning, electric windows, electric sunroof which all put extra strain on your battery.
  • Visible damage to the battery including cracking, warping and an electrolyte bubbling. All of these will flatten your battery and we recommend that you get it checked or Causes of a flat battery include:
  • You left your headlights or interior lights on
  • Something is causing your batter to drain of power such as radio, alarm system and clock.
  • Your battery connections are loose or corroded
  • Your battery is old and needs to be replaced as soon as possible in order to avoid any damage to your vehicle.

It’s bizarre to think that even leaving your interior lights or headlights on will flatten your battery and will require to be recharge for a period or a jump start to get going again.
Important things to consider when maintaining your batter can be very sensitive to low temperatures, which is no problem in summer, in winter however, if your vehicle didn’t start it
would at the very least be inconvenient.


The new development of ‘start / stop’ batteries which supplies your vehicles starter motor with a larger current which then enables your vehicle to re-start by your depressing of a pedal.

Stop / Start batteries are unlike your previously fitted regular battery. With start / stop battery technology automatically switches off your vehicles engine when the vehicle has stopped. This is to enable you to conserve fuel and whilst at the same time reduce co2 emissions into the atmosphere.
Stop / Start batteries are very different from normal car batteries due to the continuous cycling feature. A start/stop car would fail if a standard battery was fitted since they are not designed to be discharged and recharged on a cycle in this way. Standard batteries are only designed to start the car.

Stop / Start batteries are very technical and really require a specialist to carry out their replacement and at Saracens Tyres all our fitters are qualified to carry out this service. By having the incorrect battery fitted to your vehicle could have major effect on the operation of your car with the cost becoming very expensive.