CEAT Tyres

Farmax HPT

CEAT FARMAX HPT series tyres are meant for HIGH HP/HIGH SPEED tractors. Their specially designed lug patterns are reinforced with characterised base grooves, providing higher strength to high HP/speed tractors. The FARMAX HPT tyre have high denier textile casing combined with superior quality tread and sidewall rubber compound. FARMAX HPT series feature a tilted lug tip and an increased lug width that reduces vibration and ensures a longer service life for the tyre. A lower lug angle at the shoulder provides better traction, and rounded shoulders ensure lesser soil disturbance. A wider tread width also helps with lower soil compaction and characterised mud breakers promise great self-cleaning ability. High volume also ensures high load capability and excellent ride comfort.


In it for the long run, FARMAX R85 radial farm tractor tyres help reduce soil compaction, improving crop yield. Durable and efficient, FARMAX R85 radial farm tractor tyres are designed to deliver enhanced roadability, superior traction, and longer service life, raising the levels of efficiency on your farm.


Longer tyre life, better roadability, reduced soil compaction and superior traction are just a few features that help the FARMAX R70 radial farm tractor tyre drive your productivity.
FARMAX R70 tractor tyres serve you for years to come, thanks to a R1-W tread depth. Top that off with design features that protect the soil while delivering enhanced traction, and you’ve got a tyre that’s driven to serve you well.


Tough enough to take a beating on the farm, gentle enough to keep your soil and crop safe.
FARMAX R65 radial farm tractor tyres boast efficiency and strength. Insightful design accents deliver enhanced operator comfort, superior traction, self-cleaning features and a longer service life. With the FARMAX R65 you will have tractor tyres that take care of themselves, the tractor and farm they work on.


High roadability, reduced soil compaction and superior traction are just a few features that make FARMAX R80 radial farm tractor tyre the all-round performer.
FARMAX R80 tractor tyres serve you for years to come, thanks to a R1-W tread depth.
Top that off with design features that protect the soil, your yield and your tractor.


The TORQUEMAX radial tyre is meant for high power tractors, ensuring constant and smooth transfer of torque from the tractor to the ground. With lower compaction, higher traction and better roadability, TORQUEMAX keeps your tractor running smooth regardless of conditions on and off the field.


Engineered to provide higher traction and a comfortable ride, the FLOATMAX RT has robust centre blocks that ensures low noise and smooth run-on hard surfaces.

LoadPro Radial

Engineered to provide uniform load distribution, the LOADPRO Radial offers extra reinforced sidewalls that impart additional lateral stability to the tyre. Recommended for use on Telehandlers


Spraymax VF is specially designed for self-propelled sprayers and is engineered to carry 40% more load than a standard radial.
Alternately, it carries the same load as a standard radial at 40% lesser pressure. With its ‘Stepped Lug’ design it provides better grip and traction. The centre tie bar gives this tyre superior roadability. Its rounded shoulders mean less soil and crop damage.


CEAT YIELDMAX is a new generation agricultural radial tyre, meant for the combine harvester market. Its main purpose is to support heavy machinery to provide a higher load carrying capacity. YIELDMAX is engineered and designed to ensure minimum impact on soil. The
YIELDMAX features a lower lug angle around shoulders which means higher traction, and sharp shoulders enable excellent grip. A higher lug angle around centre lug also provides better side stability. With its tough casing and rigid belt that provides all the advantages of the radial construction us built for equipment such ascombine harvester, forage harvester and sugarcane harvester.

MPT 808

MPT 808 tyre gives your vehicle excellent traction, in all weather and service conditions. MPT 808 tyre is resistant to side slip and delivers a firm grip. MPT 808 tyre with a wider diagonal lug, is designed for applications that require excellent traction to drive wheels. It has a strong nylon carcass construction that provides higher strength and stability. MPT 808 has a superior tread compound that ensures resistance to tearing & cracking. It is suitable for field and road transport.