Michelin Tyres

The experts from the Michelin group have been assisting all agricultural professionals for more than a century. Michelin specialise and devote their expertise, skills and innovation to the respect and protection of the soil. Therefore, enabling you to optimise your operating costs, particularly through fuel savings, and to improve your crop yields while reducing soil compression and compaction.

Michelin Tyres

Michelin strive to be the best solution by supplying the right agricultural tyre of the right size and our technologies such as the low-pressure tyre. These solutions make a lasting contribution to the optimisation of mobility performance, service life, traction and comfort for all your agricultural machinery. Michelin supplies tyre for machines you work with from, tractor, trailer, combine harvester, spreader, sprayer, tank trailer or machines for harvesting, treatment or maintenance, take advantage of the Michelin group’s full and specialised range of agricultural tyres.


The new Agribib 2 is ideal for ploughing, soil preparation, agricultural transport and give good agricultural handling on the road and in the field. The Agribib 2 is recommended for tractor horsepower between 60 to 170hp and up to 500hp in a twin fitment. The new improved tread pattern with 45° lugs delivers better transfer of traction power to the ground with an angled tread pattern for maximum strength and a high level of flexibility to protect against stubble damage. With an extra 4mm of rubber on the central rib gives more effective cleaning and stubble protection. The Agribib 2’s longevity is assured thanks to a deep lug pattern, with up to 8% deeper tread than the R1W tyres from leading competitors.



The new Michelin Crossgrip is ideal for agricultural transport, agricultural handling, its versatility and is of a radial construction. The Crossgrip is a multi-purpose tyre for use on road, grass, loose ground and snow​. Due to its multiple biting edges gives optimised tread pattern for good traction on snow (M+S), which gives it the flexibility to be used all year round. The Crossgrip is also non-directional tread for excellent precision in forward and reverse gears. The Crossgrip radial tyre is in the “MICHELIN Compact Line” range designed for backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders, telehandlers and small tractors.


This Michelin Machxbib tyre is perfect for the larger high-powered tractors that are required to carry heavy loads whilst operating in the field. The Machxbib is ideal for ploughing, soil preparation, agricultural transport and agricultural Handling. This multi-purpose tyre is fuel efficient for powerful tractor greater than 160hp with excellent damage resistance. Due to the Machxbib’s flexible robust casing which gives comfort, reliability, solid lugs with shoulders for excellent stability and tractive performance.


The Michelin Axiobib 2 are ideal for tractors from 160hp yo 550hp and have the capability to carry heavy loads and gives high traction whilst ploughing, soil preparation, agricultural transport and agricultural handling with excellent productivity. The superb soil protection is hanks to MICHELIN UltraFlex technology which means the Axiobib can operate at very low pressures of down to 0.6 bar (8.7 psi). Whilst giving higher traction and grip is increased by 28% to 35%, with increased productivity from 7% to 11% and improved yields up to 4% per year.

The new Michelin Ultraflex Technology gives:
  • Very High Flexion casing: 40% more load capacity or 40% less pressure
  • High traction: very high traction capability
  • Air systems ready: compatible with CTIS remote inflation systems


The Michelin Roadbib is ideal when used in on/off road, agricultural transport with a high load capacity, non-directional and can be fitted across all positions if all axles have the same radius tyres. The Michelin Roadbib is a good solution for heavy road use by up to >80% hours when used on the road. Manufactured with a smooth central rib and due to the reduced space between tread blocks (compared to traditional sculptures) limits the in-cab vibrations which improves ride comfort and a quiet running tyre. A wide footprint combined with an optimised tread depth provides low rolling resistance and thus reduced fuel consumption. Excellent handling and safety with improved ride quality thanks to a new sculpture like that of a truck tyre. Good tyre adhesion on wet roads thanks to vertical evacuation paths.


The Michelin Evobib is an excellent 2-in-1 tyre for powerful tractors greater than 200hp due to its adaptive technology. This tyre is ideal for productivity by providing the best grip 30% more traction and spoil protection when in the field. Increased stability when on the road at high speed due to increased number of lugs (28) as well as fuel savings when on the road.


The Michelin Cerexbib 2 gives higher productivity and outstanding soil protection for powerful harvesting equipment. Due to its additional carrying capacity the Cerexbib uses 45% less pressure which helps with soil protection (Ultraflex Technology) enabling the tyre to achieve better traction and flotation when operating in-field. This then produces improved yields by up to 4% per year soil protection and improved future harvests. This Tyre has been developed and designed with the main harvester manufacturers to better meet the demands of harvesting.

CFO+ Rated Tyre
  • Carry more load at 10 km/h (6 mph) in Cyclical Field Operations (CFO).
  • 45% less pressure vs non CFO+ radial tyre in the same size (1)


The Michelin Megaxbib is an excellent value for money tyre for harvesters with a high load carrying capacity 30,600kg per axle due to a strengthened casing, durability 46% longer lasting than its main competitor and great driver comfort.


The Michelin Megaxbib 2 is a great value tyre for harvesting and spreading. With its robust casing gives better stubble resistence with longer service life thanks to a reinforced carcass and ‘stubble shield’ marking (protection against stubble damage). Excellent handling in the field and on the road with high load and speed capacities.


This Michelin Bibload Hard Surface tyre is of radial construction with excellent traction on loose ground, stability on slopes, productivity due to reinforced sidewalls and steel crown plies for better puncture resistance, a smoother ride for driver comfort and long life up to 46% longer service life than Michelin bias tyres.


This Michelin XMCL tyre gives exceptional productivity due to its reinforced sidewalls and steel braced tread for better puncture-resistance, excellent handling, and traction capacity even in wet and difficult conditions. In addition to offering operational stability and a smoother ride for the operator.


The Michelin Yieldbib is a low-pressure tyre designed for high horsepower tractors carrying out row crop work. With Michelin Ultraflex technology the ‘Yieldbib’ protects soil from compaction by offering 40% more load capacity at equivalent pressure compared to standard radial tyres (non VF) and 27% wider footprint to protect soil and improve yields. With a high resistance to damage from residual stubble and improved traction thanks to additional lugs and a 45° tread design