Tractor Wheel Alignment

Why is Wheel Alignment or Tracking so important?

Want to maximise your tyres life, fuel consumption and handling performance whilst driving?
Are your agricultural tyres wearing unevenly?

Keeping your front suspension aligned will help all the above areas when driving your tractor or telehandler.

If you’re a farmer, farming contractor or building contractor using tractors or telehandlers in your operation for on and off-road services, are you
aware that tyre manufacturers recommend a regular wheel alignment check of these vehicles to get maximise the tyre life usage from them?

Tyre manufacturers believe that if your wheels and tyres are out of alignment by just ‘5mm’ they estimate that you could reduce approximately 12% of your tyre’s life.
If they are out of alignment by 15-20mm this could reduce your tyres life by between 35-48% approximately.

In monetary terms this is an estimated ‘Savings’ at 5mm are:

Based on tyres purchased for £500 each x 2 = £1000.00 x 12% = £120.00
Based on tyres purchased at £1500 each x 2 = £3000.00 x 12% = £360.00

Estimated ‘Savings’ at 15mm are:

Based on tyres purchased for £500 each x 2 = £1000.00 x 35% = £350.00
Based on tyres purchased at £1500 each x 2 = £3000.00 x 35% = £1050.00

Estimated ‘Savings’ at 20mm are:

Based on tyres purchased for £500 each x 2 = £1000.00 x 48% = £480.00
Based on tyres purchased at £1500 each x 2 = £3000.00 x 48% = £1440.00

In addition to the above and by being out of wheel alignment will lead to increased fuel consumption, which will influence the loss of Bhp (Brake Horsepower) in your tractor as it will effectively be pushing the vehicle sideways when travelling on the road especially.

Whether it’s a tractor or teleporter, used on or off the road, a simple wheel alignment has the potential to save you hundreds of pounds by preventing premature tyre wear, improving your fuel consumption, and giving you the horsepower from your tractor you need when in operation.

Question: Can you really afford not to have your tractor / Telehandler wheel alignment checked?
Here at Saracens Tyres we are specialists in checking your wheel alignment of your tractors and telehandlers by using our specialist HAWEKA AXIS50LM wheel alignment equipment. A tractor wheel alignment check can be done at your premises and by be arranged at your convenience. An initial check of your wheel alignment takes about 10-15 minutes, with the full process taking about an hour depending on the level of adjustment required.

So, when you have new tyres fitted, make sure you have your tractor alignment checked to ensure your tyres remain in an optimal operating condition which can make a whole world of difference to the entire performance of the tyres and the tractor.

Our highly trained technicians can carry out tractor wheel alignments on most makes and models of tractors and teleporters, including:
John Deere, New Holland, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Claas, Mcormack, Valtra, Case IH, Duetz, Same, McCormick, Kubota, JCB, Merlo, Zetor, Lamborghini, Tym, Unimog, Manitou, Doosan and Kramer.

We find the most common out of alignment of tractors is when they are collected from new from the manufacturer tractor dealerships, so prior to delivery why not get Saracens Tyres to carry out a wheel alignment check prior to delivery / collection of your new tractor.

Watch our HAWEKA AXI50LM Wheel Alignment Equipment:

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